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ONE LIFE… with the Havelock ONE FAMILY

At Havelock One, the key to success is creating a work culture that’s unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Hence, our corporate culture is designed to promote equality, diversity, inclusion, teamwork, creativity, engagement and a sense of community that are aligned together in the spirit of shouting out: “Incredible people coming together to support growth by doing meaningful work”.

We have often received feedback from our new joiners that their intention to work for Havelock One is purely to connect with the vibe we share as a team. Our managers are dedicated to creating a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone is valued and respected. From team-building exercises to skill-sharing workshops, we’ve got something for everyone.

Evolving with the power of giving

The ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of today’s workforce is a crucial factor in our Company’s people and culture strategy. One of the key aspects of our Company’s ethos is to go beyond and touch the community around us. It’s all part of Havelock One’s mission to partner deliberately and thoughtfully with non-profit organisations and select corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that would have the most significant impact.

We support non-profit organisations (NPO) that positively impact locally via charity events, fund donations, and resources for us. The Company has been investing as a community developer towards SURGE in bringing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to the world for several years. And we team up with educational institutions to support the growth and skill development of youngsters, especially giving an opportunity to provide internships and apprenticeships to students who are interested in pursuing a career in interior design and fit-out. The Company’s efforts to give back to the community are important for those who benefit directly from its initiatives and for our employees to feel proud to work for a company that cares about making a difference. Hence, we have been encouraging employees to volunteer during work hours to support the CSR initiatives and ensure the memories of connecting with Havelock One remain for long with those we connect with.  

Fostering an inclusive workplace

At Havelock One, we are proud of our commitment to cultivating diversity and inclusivity. We hire diverse talent as a team with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, which is essential to creating innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results. We value and respect the unique perspectives that each individual brings to the table and strive to create an environment where everyone feels empowered to share their ideas and opinions.

The spirit of employee engagement

We understand that a motivated workforce is the key to our success, and we have prioritised employee engagement for over two decades. Our Company has implemented a range of initiatives to support our employees – this includes regular feedback for growth, flexible working arrangements, and health and wellness interventions periodically tailored to various fields of work.

We have a Sadeeqati programme exclusively for women’s wellness. This is a dedicated forum aided by the organisation to seek consultation on Mental Health for day-to-day professional and personal concerns through a qualified psychiatrist. We have also been organising events to foster a sense of community within the Company. Football tournaments, volleyball matches, kabaddi, chess, national day celebrations, cookery competitions – you can name it, and we have it based on choice for our team members to have a fun and friendly environment at work.

Recognition at work

Formal and Informal Recognition of employees is part of Havelock One’s culture. Employees are empowered with projects and assignments based on their skills, and their success is recognised through formal forums and awards within the organisation. Both monetary and non-monetary awards and certification from the Company make the recognition memorable. The achievements are celebrated through our newsletters, department gatherings, and announced on the company intranet, motivating employees to perform better each time. A feeling that “I am valued” stays with the employees, and open recognition encourages everyone to join the race.

A culture beyond the workplace

As a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation, Havelock One still has employees on its payroll who have been with the group since its inception, and still a large group of other employees who have worked with us for over 15 years. Working at Havelock One Interiors has always been a truly enriching experience for the ones who have retired and left the business.


Overall, Havelock One boasts a vibrant and inclusive workforce of more than 1,856 individuals, all driven by a genuine passion for crafting exceptional custom interiors. The Company goes the extra mile by extending invitations to employees and their families for engaging factory tours, offering a glimpse into their remarkable work environment and showcasing our organisational prowess. These ongoing initiatives cultivate a deep sense of pride and unity among the staff, truly embodying the essence of Havelock One.

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