Custom hospitality manufacturing

Combining remarkable craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques, we produce specialist joinery and metal works for a wide range of projects from different sectors.

We have created custom joinery and decorative metal works for various projects, including hotels and resorts, retail stores, F&B outlets, commercial offices, entertainment venues, government buildings and high-end residences.

The degree of difference

The design development and setting out processes are core differentiators for Havelock One Interiors. Our approach has four key drivers: cost reduction, value creation, quality control and continuous feedback loops. We always strive to find alternative and /or local materials that comply with the design concept and constraints.

A higher standard in manufacturing processes

We ensure that best practice manufacturing processes facilitate economic, yet superior outcomes. We are committed to quality, having control systems in place at every stage of the process from planning to drawings to manufacturing. An open, clear and trusted line of communication with our clients is paramount to our success. Havelock One’s 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Bahrain comprises machining, polishing, assembly and upholstery facilities. Our machining combines common woodworking machines with modern CNC capabilities, allowing for a direct integration of CAD drawing details into machine centres. This gives us the ability to mix complex carving and milling details with traditional hand-crafted workmanship.

Havelock One, your go-to partner for demanding projects and out-of-the-box finishes

Our in-house capability to integrate metal, glass and acrylic materials into products makes us a go-to partner for innovative designs requested by demanding clients who are seeking a unique approach. We also offer internal upholstery works allowing us to amend client designs in fabric, leather and synthetic finishes for a wide range of products. The plant can deliver about 27,000 hrs. of capacity per week with products ranging from bespoke to bulk for large hotels and retail fit-outs.


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