Covid Defender

Make your premises safer with the power of AI! Covid Defender is the optimal solution for monitoring and controlling access to enclosed spaces, where people come together to dine, shop, work, be entertained, educated or treated. Covid Defender is your AI-enabled digital concierge.

Whether you are in charge of a retail space, a restaurant, an office, an educational or medical institution, in a post-Covid19 world it's paramount to keep your staff, guests and visitors as safe as possible.

Havelock One has teamed up with Admira and Samsung Display Solutions to offer a smart, AI-enabled solution that also looks sleek.

Havelock One proudly presents Covid Defender

Covid Defender is an AI-powered ‘digital concierge’ that promotes safe access to retail stores, F&B outlets, banking branches, offices, hospitality, healthcare, educational campuses other indoor venues where people gather.

The interactive display unit enforces and supports compliance with COVID-19 related safety measures, features info/ads and can handle appointments, all managed with a simple proprietary app, developed by digitalisation specialist Admira leveraging Samsung’s SMART Signage Platform.

The Covid Defender is available in various sizes and finishes to suit the requirement of your premises. As this is an AI-powered tool, equipped with a (thermal) camera, the possibilities are unlimited to add features and functions to suit any purpose.

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