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Successful Negotiation: Learning Strategies and Skills

Havelock One Interiors’ supply chain department attended a ‘Negotiation Skills’ training session conducted by Bahrain Society of Engineering.

In our continuous endeavour to offer learning support, which will enhance the overall business effectiveness and employee productivity, our HR team organised a ‘Negotiation Skills’ training for our supply chain team.

The training was customised and delivered in partnership with the Bahrain Society of Engineering (BSE). This course was chosen to impart the different concepts and phases of negotiations to our supply chain team based in Bahrain, thus, to leverage our position when dealing with stakeholders.

Employees from logistics, procurement and stores attended the training session conducted by Durry Atassi of BSE.

Negotiation styles

Senior Manager – Supply Chain, Ihab Abuaysheh, commented: “Having a negotiation skill set is essential at all levels; and being able to negotiate is critical for anyone working within the supply chain department”.

The pros and cons of different negotiation styles were discussed with the group to make them aware that negotiations aren’t static. The team could then assess the type of strategy to be used in different conditions. Durry engaged our team with role-playing and interactions to demonstrate difficult conversations.

Participants appreciated the course and commented that the session has helped them gain new knowledge, techniques and tools that will help them in adding value and creating a positive outcome for the business.

Employee feedback

“I learnt to face negotiations with a positive approach”

“This training will surely enhance my negotiation skills; and I feel confident to use the different approaches – warm and tough negotiation based on changing scenarios”.

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