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Enhancing Workplace Productivity

Havelock One Interiors’ Human Resources team developed a programme to enhance productivity and equip staff members to effectively handle matters of time management.

“While productivity and time management challenges are individual-centric, their solution also lies in team effort. It is easy and more impactful to inculcate the right habits when it is a team norm and nurtured at leadership level. In our business, competitive advantage is how effectively we drive the quality output and manage our resources, especially TIME”, says Rahul Phadke, Director of HR.

Training Initiative

The programme kick-started for the first batch with a training workshop: ‘Enhancing Work Productivity’. Management and staff from the hospitality setting-out department attended the session during the month of May at the Elite Resort and Spa in Bahrain. The members engaged in activities and collectively contemplated on better prioritisation and evading distractions and interruptions at work.

Senior Manager – HR, Bhushan Surve emphasised on the topic ‘How to Prioritise’ with an 80:20 technique as he says: “Do fewer things, but do more important things, do this for longer until you develop the habit of only working on things that make a difference.”

Working Smarter

Through exemplary stories, group tasks and discussions, the team learned how to optimise their to-do list, to prioritise their work schedule and how to remain focused by staying organised. The best outcome of the workshop was when the 18 participants from the hospitality setting-out department realised ‘What their key distractions are’. This encouraged the members to openly discuss and agree on how to handle such distractions in the future and what processes of routine work need to be prioritised. Several practical tips were offered as key takeaways by Tushar Patale, Assistant Manager – HR.

Team Commitment

Operations Manager, Charbel Chebly commented that the workshop was extremely helpful, he says: “It’s about knowing your priorities, obligations and scheduling every activity with a realistic approach. Going forward, we will review the outcome of this session with weekly and monthly meetings to ensure these best practices become our culture at work.”

Setting-out Manager, Arnoldo Schreiber said: “This workshop has helped our team to improve our understanding on how to better prioritise work tasks and processes between important-urgent and important-nonurgent and to plan on what to focus on accordingly. This will certainly make the department more coordinated moving forward.”

To help our staff get more done and perform at their best, the HR team will organise similar workshops in other regions during the coming months.

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