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Empowering Yin!

Rahul Phadke, HR Director
Rahul Phadke, HR Director

At havelock one, we are committed to consistently delivering the highest value and exceptional service to all our clients and employees; and we can only do so only when we are at our best. Any organisation in this pursuit would need to attain good gender diversity and leverage both the complementary talent strength of ‘Yin and Yang’.


As our industry is more comfortably centred around the male talent force, bringing vital talent diversity requires conscious and persistent efforts.

Our people practices are carefully designed and executed to empower women’s talent to be successful in various business roles. The efforts and commitments are not limited to their professional development and career growth but extended to ensure their overall development as an individual. “Sadeeqati,” an initiative by the Human Resource department, caters to these aspects. It provides an exclusive space for all women staff to connect and have meaningful interactions through a series of talks, training, and workshops. Most importantly, it helps address points by external experts related to working women’s health and wellness.
Also, to facilitate better social acceptance and extend essential comfort to the immediate family members, our recent “Family Open Day Visit” initiative helps us welcome employees’ families to our offices and factories. This initiative allows us to develop a deeper connection with employees and their families and helps showcase a sneak peek into the vibrant working environment at Havelock One.

The most significant aspect of empowerment is to create and nurture a culture of equality. Often this subject remains academic; however, at Havelock One, the culture of equality is our foundation of growth. We are committed to building a culture of equality where talent from diverse ethnicities, gender, race, and nationalities; thrive together. Then, inclusive practices of gender pay equality, equal opportunity for career growth, equal work exposure, and above all, an equal opportunity to express freely; are not just buzzwords but have become a day-to-day reality. At Havelock One, the key functional leadership roles such as Marketing, Government Relations, and Business Development are led by Women leaders from different ethnicities and nationalities. It sets a prominent example and inspiration for other tenured and new women employees to plan their long-term career aspirations with us in various roles.

Our leadership’s vision of gender equality is the most compelling force and encouragement in this direction. I am sure with our continued focus and substance, we will cultivate more success stories and role models of women’s leadership in years to come.

Happy International Women’s Day to all!

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